Sintering is the process of compacting metal powders in custom designed molds and heating compacted materials in special controlled atmosphere ovens to produce high presicison metal parts in various forms.

Main processes in the production flow are the followings:​

  • Design and Manufacturing of the Mold

  • Determination and Preparation of the Right Powder Mixture

  • Compaction of the Powder in Custom Mold

  • Sintering the Parts in Sintering Oven

  • Deburring

  • Second Compaction for Calibration (optional)

  • Second Sintering for Increased Hardness (optional)

  • Coating (optional)

  • Heat Treatment (optional)

  • Oil / Resin Impregnation (optional)


Sintering mold design and manufacturing requires special know-how for providing the highest tolerances for precise parts and to ensure that the parts can come out of the mold smoothly. Molds are prepared with the orders of the customers and they are specific to each customer.

Right powder mixture is determined according to need's of customer is requested part. Required density of the parts, strength, breaking pressure, hardness are some of the factors which are being taken into consideration while choosing the correct powder mix.

Apart from the powder mix, it is also possible to obtain different type of parts using different compaction ratios. Low compaction ratios give low denstity parts, while it is possible to obtain high density parts with higher compaction ratios.

Low density parts are generally used for obtaining more porous structure for oil impregnated self-lubricating bearings or metallic filters, whereas high density is required for the parts which needs increased hardness like fluid transmission gears, sprockets, pulleys, rotors etc.

Compacted powder mixture is transferred into a controlled atmosphere sintering oven for "baking", in this process metal powder molecules start to melt in various degrees and creates a solid and hardened structure. 

For the parts which requires further hardness and strenght, heat treatment can also be applied.


​For your questions on recommended part design and powder mixture, please contact us.