With 40 years of experience in powder metallurgy, we design custom parts for our customers and mass produce with high precision


With the initial investment and R&D of our founders beginning in 1976 on powder metallurgy, Sinter Teknik has been registered under its current company name in 1988.

Today, Sinter Teknik mainly serves to automotive, white goods, defense and furniture industries.

Our company produces high precision parts designed for mass production by compressing of powder metal and sintering in special ovens. Main product types includes self lubricated bearings, electrical contacts, metallic filters, metallic friction discs, shock absorber parts, oil and fuel pump gears, and many various mechanical parts.


In order to address our customers' needs better, our company has been qualified for ISO-9001 since 2002. 

Today, our experienced team is ready to provide 100% customer satisfaction with continuous improvement mind-set via regular audits and quality trainings.